Op nummer 40 komt Harley Quinne met New Orleans binnen. Een plaatje dat je nooooit meer op de radio hoort. Tussen de kanskaarten staat ook Johnny Rivers, ik geloof niet dat hij ooit een hitparade notering heeft gehad in Nederland, terwijl hij in de VS toch een aantal hits heeft gehad (Baby I need your lovin' is de bekendste, maar ook Secret Agent Man en Summerrain en deze Rockin' Pneumonia deden het daar goed). Wederom een Veronica plaatje in de Top 50, Veronica 538 op nummer 44, gezakt vanaf 30.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

Uur 1                          Uur 2                          Uur 3

Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden.

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this period


25 November 1972

The most played records on RNI over the past week have been "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John, "Hallelujah Freedom" by Junior Campbell, "Loop di love" by Shag, "Donna" by 10CC and records by Gilbert O'Sullivan ("Clair"), Donna Hightower ("This world today is a mess"), Johnny Nash ("There are more questions than answers"), David Cassidy ("Rock me baby"), Neil Sedaka ("Beautiful you"), "Auntie" by Various Artists, "Florida" by Bolland and Bolland, "Gebeurtenissen" by Wilma, Rick Nelson ("Garden Party"), Bonnie St Claire and Unit Gloria ("Clap your hands and stamp your feet"), the Benfleets ("When you say") and Ricky Bell ("Little Girl").

Brian McKenzie and Marc van Amstel leave on the tender and Gerard Smit returns. Gerard reads the news in the afternoon.

International Service programmes this evening are:

19.00 Don Allen

21.00 Mike Ross

23.00 Don Allen (Country'n'Western Jamboree)

1.00 Don Allen

2.00 - 6.00 Mike Ross

Reception this evening is slightly better than last night, but still far from perfect.

There was a break in transmission for about 5 minutes in the Super Hit 50 show at about 12.05pm.

Leo van der Goot and Alfred Lagarde are appearing in a moble discotheque show today.


The interesting thing reading this, 39 years later, is that two of the records that I mentioned - the Benfleets and Ricky Bell - were obviously played a lot on RNI at the time, but I have no recollection of them at all. Whether the break in transmission that I noted in the Super Hit 50 show was on all transmitters, or just on 220m medium wave, which is what I listened to, I don't know. The times noted are UK times - by this point in the year, the time in Holland was one hour ahead of the UK, so in Holland the International Service started at 20.00, not 19.00.