Dit is de Non-Stop RNI Top 50 van 23 September 1972. De op één na hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer is Mama weer all crazee now van Slade. Ook deze Top 50 herbergt weer een aantal hele mooie plaatjes zoals die van Alex Harvey, Labi Siffre, Axis, de Tremeloes, de Beach Boys en ga zo maar door. Ook wordt deze week weer aandacht besteed aan “de buren”, Cornelis Vreeswijk staat op nummer 12 met Veronica. Hurricane Smith zingt deze week de treiterschijf en Ferry Maat heeft een werkelijk prachtige kanskaart gekozen : Por una mujer van Julio Iglesias.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

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Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden en daaronder een paar scans uit de ME van September 1972.

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this period


Thursday 21 September 1972

Hans Molenaar, Mike Ross and Marc van Amstel return on the tender. Marc van Amstel reads the afternoon news.

This evening's programmes:

19.00 Tony Allan

21.00 Dave Rogers

23.00 Dave Rogers (Kent Request Hour)

RNI closes down at midnight for aerial adjustments. Tony Allan disclosed what "some of our friends" had for tea, presumably referring to those on the Mi Amigo, now out in the North Sea, but not yet broadcasting. Latest reports are that RNI is installing a second medium wave transmitter for an all day English service on 355 metres.


Friday 22 September 1972

Terry Davis returns on the tender. Tonight's programme schedule:

19.00 Tony Allan

21.00 Terry Davis

23.00 Dave Rogers (Kent Request Hour)

24.00 Brian McKenzie

3.00 - 6.00 Dave Rogers

Today is Tony Allan's birthday. He has an interview with David Cassidy on his programme at 20.05. Terry Davis runs down the list of DJs on RNI on his show and neither Rob Eden nor Spangles Muldoon are included. News is read by Terry Davis, Tony Allan and Dave Rogers.


Saturday 23 September 1972

Apart from the Treiterschijf, the records that I have heard most on RNI during the week ending 22 September 1972 have been:

Alex Harvey - To make my life beautiful

Mott the Hoople - All the young dudes

Lt Pigeon - Mouldy old dough

Trapeze - Coast to coast

Jurgen Marcus - Eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neues Leben

Lynsey de Paul - Sugar me

Tee Set - Mary Mary

Chicory Tip - The future is past

Hurricane Smith - Who was it

Chairmen of the Board - Elmo James

Les Humphries Singers - Mexico


Tony Allan goes off on the tender today. He appears in a mobile discotheque this evening with Peter Holland. There is a second mobile disco today, featuring Alfred Lagarde and Leo van der Goot. Tonight's programmes are:

19.00 Terry Davis (International Prediction Hit 40)

22.00 Dave Rogers (Reviews)

23.00 Dave Rogers (Kent Request Hour)

24.00 Brian McKenzie

3.00 - 7.00 Mike Ross

News is read by Terry Davis and Dave Rogers. Tonight's Radio Caroline reference - Terry Davis said "There are two other boats out here you know".


Sunday 24 September 1972

Nico Steenbergen presents the Tony Berk programme today and Gerard Smit is on Driemaster. This evening's programmes are:

19.00 Brian McKenzie (Hitback show)

21.00 Dave Rogers (Cloud 9)

23.00 Mike Ross (Kent Request Hour)

24.00 - 3.00 Terry Davis

News is read by Dave Rogers and Brian McKenzie. A crew member, Jan, picks tonight's hitback competition winner. Dave Rogers presents Cloud 9 in a very ravy style, using lots of soul clichés ("Sock it to me" etc), up to 21.40, when he reverts to his usual presentation style. The FM transmitter closes at 22.00 for more maintenance. Terry Davis features the new Anne Murray LP on his show.


Monday 25 September 1972

Nico Steenbergen takes over again on Driemaster and International service programmes are:

 19.00 Dave Rogers

 21.00 Terry Davis

 23.00 Terry Davis (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 - 3.00 Brian McKenzie

Terry Davis and Dave Rogers read the news.


Tuesday 26 September 1972

Ferry Maat has an interview with J Vincent Edwards shortly after 16.00 on his show this afternoon.

Dave Rogers goes off on shore leave and RNI closes down for maintenance at midnight. Programmes this evening are:

 19.00 Mike Ross

 21.00 Terry Davis

 23.00 - 24.00 Terry Davis (Kent Request Hour)

Tonight's newsreaders are Terry Davis and Mike Ross.


Wednesday 27 September 1972

The programme schedule alters again and is:

 19.00 Brian McKenzie

 21.00 Terry Davis

 23.00 Terry Davis (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 - 3.00 Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie says that there are "some big surprises" in store. Terry Davis and Mike Ross read the news.

There were some continuous music tests on or around 355 metres at about 22.45 this evening. May not have been anything to do with RNI, but who knows?


Thursday 28 September 1972

Gerard Smit goes off on shore leave and Hans Molenaar and Arnold Layne return to the Mebo 2.

Tonight's programmes:

 19.00 Arnold Layne

 21.00 Terry Davis

 23.00 Terry Davis (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 - 3.00 Brian McKenzie

News is read by Terry Davis and Arnold Layne. Terry Davis says that "this weekend will be a very special weekend - but we'll see about that when it comes".

Latest reports suggest that several Dutch DJs will be transferring to Radio Caroline, as well as one of RNI's English broadcasters and engineer Chicago. The English broadcaster is presumably Spangles Muldoon.


Friday 29 September 1972

Tony Allan returns to the ship and this changes the programmes for this evening to:

 19.00 Tony Allan

 21.00 Terry Davis

 23.00 Arnold Layne (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 Brian McKenzie

 3.00 - 6.00 Mike Ross

Terry Davis, Tony Allan and Arnold Layne read the news.


New records played on RNI this week include:




Maybe I know

Old Shatterhand

I'm the greatest

Joe Simon

Power of love

Marcus Hook Roll Band

Natural man

J Vincent Edwards

Back in Majorca again

Junior Campbell

Hallelujah Freedom

Jackie de Shannon

Would you like to learn to dance?

Judge Dread

Big Six

Mark and John

This one's for you

Flaming Ember

The empty crowded room

Arlo Guthrie

City of New Orleans

Rab Noakes

Drunk again

Faith Brown

Take me with you

Jim Croce

You don't mess around with Jim

Santana and Buddy Miles

Evil ways

Love Generation

Picture perfect in my mind

Rick Springfield

Speak to the sky

Michel Fugain

Une belle histoire

Willy Sommers

Een kleine foto

Gilbert Montagne

Aime moi

De voorpagina van de ME uit September 1972

FP ME0972.jpg

Michael Rickfors was toen de voorman van de Hollies

Michael Rickfors ME0972.jpg

En dan nu de reclame én de voorlichting

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