De hoogste nieuwe deze week is Wait for the sun van Bolland & Bolland op nummer 30. De Matromony van Gilbert O’Sullivan zakt deze week van 5 naar 8 en Ooh-wakka-doo-wakka-dee komt nieuw binnen op 34. De “stuiterplaat”, zoals Ferry Maat deze wel plachtte te noemen, van Keith Beckingham & Dukes (Women in love) komt nieuw binnen op 43. De maxi-single van Procol Harum staat deze week onveranderd op nummer 1. De treiterschijf is van Bata Illic : Michaela. Het ochtendeditie team heeft een wel hele mooie plaat tot kanskaart gekozen : It’s going to take some time this time van Richard en Karen Carpenter.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

Uur 1                          Uur 2                          Uur 3

Als toegift deze week platen uit de RNI playlist, de kanskaarten, de treiterschijven en een track van de LP van de week in de vorm van een Top 17. De volledige playlist vind je onderaan deze pagina.


Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden en een aantal scans uit de Pop-telescoop van 13 Juli 1972.

RNI Top 50 69 150772.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this week


Saturday 15 July 1972

A mobile discotheque today is advertised as featuring Tony Berk and Tony Allan, but, as Tony Allan is on board the Mebo 2 at present, presumably Terry Davis will appear instead.

Tonight's programmes are:

 19.00 Tony Allan (International Prediction Hit 40)

 22.00 Brian McKenzie (Reviews)

 23.00 Rob Eden (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 Arnold Layne

 3.00 - 7.00 Mike Ross

Rob Eden, Brian McKenzie, Arnold Layne and Tony Allan all read news. Tony Allan does not like "I'll take you there" by the Staple Singers, no. 17 in this week's Top 40. The temperature on board the Mebo 2 this evening is the hottest that it's been this year so far at 19 degrees, so Tony Allan threatens to take off his trousers, but doesn't. There is a repeat of last year's "In Concert" programme with T Rex between 4.00 and 5.00 in the Mike Ross Skyline show.


Sunday 16 July 1972

From 14.30 to 16.30 Leo van der Goot hosts Driemaster live from the deck of the Mebo 2. Mike Ross and Tony Allan are also featured in this broadcast, as well as crew members and passing ships.

The programme schedule this evening is:

 19.00 Brian McKenzie (Hitback Show)

 21.00 Rob Eden (Cloud Nine)

 23.00 Arnold Layne (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 - 3.00 Tony Allan

All DJs read news. Rob Eden describes the 21.30 newsreader as "Soul Sister Tony Allan".

Peter Holland and Tony Berk are the DJs appearing in today's mobile discotheque.


Monday 17 July 1972

Temperature on board this evening is again 19 degrees. The programmes this evening are:

 19.00 Arnold Layne

 21.15 Rob Eden

 23.00 Tony Allan (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 - 3.00 Brian McKenzie

All four DJs are on news at some point during the evening.


Tuesday 18 July 1972

Arnold Layne goes off on two weeks' holiday and Hans ten Hooge also goes off on shore leave. Returning today are Gerard Smit and Terry Davis. Temperature on board the Mebo 2 this afternoon is 24 degrees and tonight's programme schedule is:

 19.00 Tony Allan

 21.00 Rob Eden

 23.00 Terry Davis (Kent Request Hour)

 24.00 - 3.00 Brian McKenzie

After offering a copy of Bolland and Bolland's "Wait for the sun" to the first five people to write in and tell him the title of the previous Bolland and Bolland single, Tony Allan is astounded that he had received six answers within 48 hours from Holland and Belgium. Only two of these were the right answer, however. But he will still send a copy of the record to all six and also to the first six to arrive from the UK and Germany. All four DJs featured in this evening's programmes also read news.


Wednesday 19 July 1972

Mike Ross, who was to go off on the tender yesterday, is still on board, so will not feature in the mobile discotheque advertised for today. Ferry Maat is the other DJ advertised as appearing.

Apparently it has been an outrageous day on board - the other DJs have pulled Mike Ross's bed to bits. News is again read by all four DJs featured in the programming, which follows the same schedule as yesterday.


Thursday 20 July 1972

Leo van der Goot goes off on shore leave and Nico Steenbergen returns and takes over on Driemaster.

A new set of jingles on the Tony Allan show this evening and Tony also has six winners from the UK for his Bolland and Bolland competition. Rob Eden was watching something on television until 21.15, so Tony Allan filled in until then, playing the whole of the "Five Bridges Suite" by the Nice from around 20.45 until Rob arrived in the studio. Rob Eden, Terry Davis, Brian McKenzie and Tony Allan read the news in that order.


Friday 21 July 1972

Tony Berk has an interview with Billy Jones on his programme and Ferry Maat has one with a member of the Walkers.

Mike Ross hosts the Skyline programme from 3.00 to 6.00 on Saturday morning and newsreaders are Rob Eden, Terry Davis, Brian McKenzie and Tony Allan.

Tony Berk and Ferry Maat appear in a mobile discotheque today.


New records played on RNI this week included:





Vader Abraham

Zo is het leven

Bonny and Lewis

That's why

Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars


Looking Glass



Even if I could change

Mickey Newbury

American Trilogy

Country Fair

Please come home


Mother Army

Art Sullivan


Gerard Lenorman

Le petit prince


Goodbye my friend

Albert West


Hanny en de Rekels


Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Tear it on down

Nini Rosso

Oh babe what would you say

Al Martino

Speak softly love

Popcorn Makers


De voorpagina van de Pop-Telescoop van 13 Juli 1972

P1 PT150772.jpg

De Pop-Telex

P2 PT150772.jpg

Nog meer popnieuws

P3 PT150772.jpg

De nieuwe releases

P4 PT150772.jpg

De playlist van de 17 extra platen deze week





Bata Illic





It's Going To Take Some Time



Prince Buster

Dance Cleopatra

Ferry Maat


Franklin Leighton Holmes

Just A Little Song

Alfred Lagarde


R Dean Taylor

Ain't It A Said Thing

Peter Holland


Han Grevelt

Si Si Si Signorita

Vader Abraham


Les Humphries Singers

Take Care Of Me

Tony Berk


Beverly Bremers

Don't say you don't remember



22nd Street

Sunny Sleeps Late




Goodbye to love



Jonathan King

It’s A Tall Order For A Short Guy



Vicky Leandros

Comme Je Suis



Norwich City Football Team

The Canaries



Glenn Miller Orchestra

In The Mood




Go all the way



Mac Davis

Baby don't get hooked on me



Neil Diamond

High Rolling Man

LP van de Week