De liefhebbers van het karnavalslied kunnen maar genieten van deze top 50 met de Monitors, Leo den Hop, 't Spijkerkwartet (voorloper van Long Tall Ernie), Han Grevelt, etc. Aan de andere kant is ook het mooie Day after Day van Badfinger in deze Top 50 te vinden en Heart of Gold van Neil Young en Morning has broken van Cat Stevens. Wederom een lijst met voor elk wat wils. Marja van Chiel Montagne is de kanskaart van Tony Berk. Ja, bij RNI deden ze daar niet zo moeilijk over

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

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Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden.

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The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this period


The first weekend of February 1972 saw a lot of changes on the International Service of RNI, as these extracts from my RNI diary show:


Saturday 5 February 1972

The International Service is completely changed this evening. Programmes are as follows:

18.00 Rob Eden (International Prediction Hit 40)

21.00 Brian McKenzie

24.00 Paul May

3.00 - 7.00 Terry Davis

The Top 40 show also features the Smash Play, DJ hitpicks and hitbound sounds. It is announced that the programme hosted by Brian McKenzie this evening will be hosted by one of the newsreaders in future and the programme hosted by Paul May will be hosted by Brian McKenzie in future weeks. The station ID has been dropped and news is now at half past the hour with an introduction that goes "Radio Nordsee, temperature.....degrees, this is (DJ's name), RNI news". Weather is at the top of the hour and the time signal at the top of the hour now has only 4 pips. The strangest thing this evening is that there is no mention of Dave Rogers or Mike Ross, but there are hitpicks for Tony Allan (last heard on RNI in August 1971) and a new DJ, Barry Martin. Also there is no mention of Kurt the engineer in the hitpicks. News is read by Terry Davis and Rob Eden. A mobile discotheque this evening is supposed to feature Tony Berk and Terry Davis, but Terry is still on board the Mebo 2. No news of the proposed new World Service yet.


Sunday 6 February 1972

No World Service, but there is a "Nordsee goes DX" programme on shortwave at 10.00am this morning, featuring the Radio Scotland story. It is also revealed that A J Beirens' first name is Albert. this evening's programmes are:

18.00 Brian Mckenzie (Hitback Show)

20.00 Rob Eden

22.00 Paul May (Cloud Nine)

24.00 - 3.00 Terry Davis

"Cloud Nine" is mainly a soul and Motown show, although Paul May includes a few other types of record. Weather at the top of each hour seems to have been dropped already. Joost de Draaier and Terry Davis are advertised for today's mobile discotheque, but, as with yesterday, Terry is still on board the Mebo 2. Terry Davis reads the news this evening.


Monday 7 February 1972

Tonight's programme schedule:

18.00 Rob Eden

21.00 Paul May

24.00 - 3.00 Brian McKenzie

Terry Davis reads the news.


Tuesday 8 February 1972

Programmes are the same as yesterday. Ex-RNI news.....Stavi Merike is now presenting a lunchtime programme on BBC Radio Brighton.


Wednesday 9 February 1972

Programmes the same as on Monday. Nothing else of interest today.


Thursday 10 February 1972

Hans ten Hooge leaves on the tender and Nico Steenbergen returns. Latest on the World Service is that it will start on 28 February 1972. "


There's quite a bit in there that, with the benefit of hindsight, we now know more about. Dave Rogers and Mike Ross had both been sacked by the new programme controller, Paul May, although Mike Ross was retained as an engineer and presented some nighttime programmes throughout 1972, before being reinstated as a full DJ in October 1972. Dave Rogers - always one of my favourite RNI DJs - returned to RNI in August 1972 after Paul May had left, but left again in October 1972 when John de Mol temporarily halted the International Service.


Barry Martin had a hitpick for several weeks, but never arrived on the Mebo 2. Apparently he was Paul Kaye of Radio London. After several weeks his name was dropped and Roger Scott was announced as a new DJ. He did join the station, although used the name Arnold Layne whilst he was on RNI in 1972 and 1973.


The World Service did make a comeback, but not 7 days a week as had been announced and not on medium wave (apart from the very short lived RNI 2 broadcasts on 192m after Veronica moved to 538 on 30 September 1972).


Finally, the Saturday evening programme with a newsreader never materialised either. Maybe the idea was that one of the English speaking announcers on board at any one time would be a newsreader rather than a DJ, as the DJ programmes now lasted 3 hours rather than 2 hours. But this soon changed - the Dutch Service was soon to be extended by an hour, with Driemaster running from 17.00 to 19.00, and the International Service got a one hour sponsored programme each night at 23.00, the "Kent Request Hour". 

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