Een Non-Stop uitvoering van de allereerste Top 50, die geen "nummer" had (of, zo je wilt, nummer -4 heeft). Deze Top 50 werd indertijd gepresenteerd door Tony Allan. De downloadclub heeft daarvan een FM opname beschikbaar gesteld in, ik meen, 2004. Dit is zo'n Top 50 waarin alle nummers nieuw zijn. Er staan wel wat, in eerste instantie voor mij, onbekende nummers in. Zoals Burning Bridges op 43, dit is de tune van Kelly's Heroes. Maar ook nummer 50, St' Louis van Warmhouse kende ik niet. Het Nederlands product is ook goed vertegewoordigd met onder andere Klaas en Peter met Huilen is voor jou te laat op 32, de Twee Pinten op 22 en op 8 en de gebroeders Bever op nummer 9.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

Uur 1                          Uur 2                          Uur 3

Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van mike-d lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden.

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The RNI memories of mike-d for this period

"Warmhouse" was a printing error in this list - the group was actually called Warhorse.


Here's my notes from the beginning of test transmissions up to the official re-opening:


Thursday 28 January to Sunday 14 February 1971

Non-stop music tests on 220m each day, starting at different times each day (sometimes as late as 22.00) and going through to 2.00 the following morning.


Monday 15 to Thursday 18 February 1971

Live test transmissions with two DJs, who do not give their names, but are Alan West and Stevi Merike. Announcements are made generally every other record that this is RNI on 220m, 49m Shortwave and 102 MHz. Also giving out the address for reception reports and, later in the week, asking potential advertisers to contact the station. Records not announced.


Friday 19 February 1971

Four more DJs arrive on board, but DJs do not reveal their names. Records are still not announced, but, at 18.45, there is an announcement that full programmes will begin on Sunday.Timechecks become more frequent by the end of the day.


Saturday 20 February 1971

Records are now being introduced, but the DJs are still not giving their names. Regular timechecks given and the "Man of action" theme tune is played at the top of each hour. In the evening it is announced that the official re-opening will be at 14.00 tomorrow. RNI closes down at midnight to prepare for the re-opening.


Sunday 21 February 1971

More test transmissions in the morning on the same basis as yesterday, which stop at 13.55.


14.00 - the official re-opening announcement is made by Alan West, then all the DJs - now revealed as Stevi Merike, Dave Rogers, Tony Allan, Crispian St John and Martin Kayne - introduce themselves. First record played after 14.00 is "Nothing rhymed" by Gilbert O'Sullivan.


The programme schedule for the rest of the day is:

15.00 Tony Allan (Super Hit 50)

18.00 Alan West

21.00 Stevi Merike

24.00 - 2.00 Crispian St john

Alan West says "You may remember me - I was here before".

Stevi Merike has a jingle that goes "Travelling into the years gone by RNI hitback", which is the same one that he used when deputising for Tony Blackburn on the BBC Rado 1 breakfast show in the summer of 1970, with amended words.


Monday 22 February 1971

The full programme schedule is:

6.00 Tony Allan

9.00 Martin Kayne

12.00 Dave Rogers

15.00 Crispian St John

18.00 Alan West

21.00 Stevi Merike

24.00 - 2.00 Crispian St John

All DJs are now giving out their names and the station address to try to get mail, forgetting that there is a post strike. Some records, such as "Bridget the midget" by Ray Stevens, are being played on all shows. "Man of action" is played at the top of each hour, although not at 10.00. The sea is apparently rough today.


Tuesday 23 February 1971

Tony Allan introduces a "Biscuit testing time" spot at 8.30. Martin Kayne announces that he is getting married soon. A lot of good Dutch records being played heavily, particularly "Zig Zag City" by the Dizzy Man's Band, but also Earth & Fire, Shocking Blue and Golden Earring's latest.

In de Muziek Expres van Februari 1971 staan twee artikelen over de artiesten, die respectievelijk op nummer 39 en 34 staan, Cobra en Euson