Het bloemenmeisje van Shocking Blue is deze week de hoogste nieuwe op nummer 30. Monika van Hans Dieckman/Ulli Martin komt binnen op nummer 41. De melodie is gebruikt voor het nummer Veronica van het Veronica team. De tune van Tom Collins (ook Veronica) komt binnen op nummer 47. En James Brown komt binnen op 50 in Hot Pants. De eerste (komende) hit van Mouth & McNeal is deze week een van de twee treiterschijven. Hoe de achternaam van Sjoukje precies gespeld moest worden was blijkbaar niet helemaal duidelijk. Ook Hurricane Smith heeft zín primeur in Nederland en wel met de andere treiterschijf : Donít let it die.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

Uur 1††††††††††††††††††††††††† Uur 2††††††††††††††††††††††††† Uur 3

Als toegift deze week platen uit de RNI playlist, de kanskaarten, de treiterschijven en een track van de LP van de week in de vorm van een Top 18. De volledige playlist vind je onderaan deze pagina.


Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden en daaronder scans van de ME van Augustus 1971.

RNI Top 50 21 140871.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this week in August 1971


Saturday 14 August 1971

Today's Super Top 50 show is introduced by Joost de Draaier, now back from Japan. The programme from 16.00 to 18.00 on Saturday is now hosted by Peter Holland.

Today is the anniversary of the introduction of the Marine Offences Act in the UK, so there are a number of references to it in the International service programmes this evening, which are:

18.00 Andy Archer

20.00 Crispian St John

22.00 Mike Ross

24.00 - 3.00 Tony Allan

Andy Archer plays a Britain Radio jingle in his show and Crispian St John plays a Radio Scotland jingle after Tony Allan has read the news. Mike Ross also reads some of the news bulletins today.

A mobile discotheque show today features Peter Holland and Mark Stuart, although Crispian St John is on the promo.


Sunday 15 August 1971

There is a new programme schedule for Sunday for the International service, which is:

18.00 Tony Allan (Top 50)

21.00 Andy Archer (In Concert)

22.00 Mike Ross (Hitback Show)

23.00 Crispian St John

24.00 - 3.00 Tony Allan

The Top 50 show today is a special chart, compiled from the Top 50s of the past six months. The Top 10, with their points (50 for number 1, 49 for number 2 etc.) are:

1. Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars - Soldier's Prayer (658)

2. Mieke Telkamp - Waarheen Waarvoor (618)

3. Waldo de los Rios - Mozart 40 (589)

4. Sandy Coast - True love that's a wonder (529)

5. Ike and Tina Turner - Proud Mary (514)

6. Wilma en Vader Abraham - Zou het erg zijn lieve opa (509)

7. Sweet - Funny Funny (497)

8. J Bastos - Loop di love (486)

9. Jose Feliciano - Che sara (483)

10. Rolling Stones - Brown sugar (477)

This was followed by the two smash plays and the hitpicks, although for some reason the hitpicks of Crispian St John, Leo van der Goot and Joost de Draaier were missed out.

The "In Concert" programme will feature two acts each week and the first programme today features the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

All of the DJs have been given nicknames by Andy Archer, which are:

Mike Ross - Toad

Leo van der Goot - Lion

Tony Allan - Mink

Mark Stuart - Weasel

Crispian St John - Sloath

Dave Rogers - Stoat

Ferry Maat - Hyaena

Peter Holland - Ferret

Andy himself is, of course, the Dancer. Crispian St John, Andy Archer and Tony Allan read the news.

There are two mobile discotheques today - the one in the afternoon has Ferry Maat and Dave Rogers as DJs and the one in the evening has Ferry Maat and Mark Stuart.

Monday 16 August 1971

Very strange happenings today. Andy Archer and Tony Allan are not featured at all in today's programmes, which are:

18.00 Mike Ross

20.00 Crispian St John

21.00 Mike Ross

22.00 Crispian St John

24.00 Mike Ross

1.30 - 3.00 Crispian St John

News is read by Mike Ross, Crispian St John and Hans ten Hooge.

Tuesday 17 August 1971

Ferry Maat has some new jingles made for him by Crispian St John and Mike Ross. The programme schedule is the same as yesterday and news is read by Mike Ross, Crispian St John and Hans ten Hooge. Still no mention of Andy Archer or Tony Allan.

Wednesday 18 August 1971

It is reported today that Andy Archer and Tony Allan have been sacked because "they didn't fit in with the rest of the team". They left on Monday. The programme schedule continues as yesterday and news is read by Crispian St John, Mike Ross and Hans ten Hooge.

Thursday 19 August 1971

A new DJ arrives on the Mebo 2 today - Paul May from Washington in the USA. Dave Rogers also returns today and Mike Ross goes off on shore leave. This evening's progeammes are:

18.00 Dave Rogers

20.00 Paul May

22.00 Crispian St John

24.00 - 3.00 Dave Rogers

However, the medium wave and short wave transmitters leave the air at 20.00 and, although scheduled to return at 21.00 after adjustments, they remained off the air. Although the reason was given as transmitter adjustments, it may have something to do with the new transmitter that came on board today. Crispian St John reads news and a mobile discotheque today features Mike Ross and Ferry Maat.

Friday 20 August 1971

All transmitters are back on the air at 6.00 this morning. Mark Stuart returns to the Mebo 2 and starts on what is now his own show from 18.00 to 20.00. Otherwise the programme schedule is the same as yesterday. Dave Rogers and Crispian St John read the news, whilst a mobile discotheque features Peter Holland and Mike Ross.

New records which I heard on RNI during the week commencing 14 August 1971, which were not hitpicks, were:




Sandy Coast

Just a friend

Lynn Anderson

How can I unlove you

Rock Candy


Dave Edmunds

Blue Monday

Candi Staton

Stand by your man


Lady Dawn

Tom Fogerty

Goodbye Media Man

100 Proof Aged in Soul


Barry Ryan

Red man

Stephen Stills


Junior Walker and the All Stars

Take me girl I'm ready

Jimmy Ruffin

Maria you were the only one

Mary Travers

Follow me

De voorpagina van de Muziek Expres van Augustus 1971

FP ME0871.jpg


Popnaald ME0871.jpg


Wonderfolie 01 ME0871.jpg

Wonderfolie 02 ME0871.jpg


Ola ME0871.jpg

De playlist van de 18 extra platen deze week





Hurricane Smith

Don't Let It Die



Mouth & MacNeal

Hey You Love



Manfred Mann

Living Without You



Frank Sinatra

Lady Day



Davy Jones

Rainy Jane







Stamford Bridge

Rise Sally Rise



Shangri Las

Remember (Walking In The Sand)



David Crosby




Jody Miller

Heís So Fine



Stephen Stills




Lee Michaels

Do You Know What I Mean



Paul Stookey

Wedding song (There Is Love)



New World

Tom Tom Turnaround



Shirley Bassey

For All We Know



Elastic Oz Band

God Save Us




Sweet City Woman




Voy, Voy

LP van de Week