Love of life van Earth & Fire is de hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer op nummer 25. Op 32 horen we OK Chicago van de Franse Resonance voor t eerst in de Top 50. De treiterschijf van de vorige week Trico Trico Tra komt binnen op nummer 40. De vier andere nieuwe hoor je op de nummers 43 46. De top 3 is ongewijzigd met De wilde boerendochtere van Ivan Heylen nog steeds op 1. Let your hair hang down van Catapult is deze week de treiterschijf.

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Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden en daaronder een paar scans uit de Pop-Telescoop van 22 Juni 1974.

RNI Top 50 170 220674.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this week in 1974


With little more than two months left, RNI was largely ignoring the impending Anti-Zeezender Wet by late June 1974. No decision had yet been given on Radio Veronica's request for air time on the Hilversum transmitters, so it must have been accepted by now that the chances of RNI's Dutch service surviving were very slim. The International service had plans to recommence broadcasts from the Mediterranean as Radio Nova International, so it was assumed that there was a future of some sort for the station.

The International service DJ team in June 1974 comprised Brian McKenzie, Don Allen, Robin Banks, Roger Kent and Jason Wolfe. Don Allen was the regular host for the Toppers 20 "good music survey" (as he called it) and presented the show on Friday 21 June 1974. Lobo was no. 1 with "I'd love you to want me", that was actually from 1972, but had been reissued in the UK, and the Drifters had the highest new entry at no. 14 with "Kissin' in the back row". The International service had a singles top 20, a Smash Play and a top 10 LPs in 1974 and the top 10 LPs this week included "Sheet music" by 10CC, "TSOP" by MFSB and the latest LPs by Bridget St John, Jim Stafford, Barclay James Harvest, Marty Robbins and Andy Williams. A number of Dutch records were well played on the International service in this week, particularly "Love of life" by Earth and Fire, "Let your hair hang down" by Catapult and "Mexico I can't say goodbye" by Bolland and Bolland. The Smash Play this week was "Dirty work" by Ian Matthews.

On the Dutch service, the Troef 20 was presented by Marc van Amstel on Saturday 22 June 1974. Marc was by now the DJ who most regularly presented the Troef 20, but Marc was now based on land and the programmes were pre-recorded. Only Buitengaats, with Eric Post or Gerard Smit, was live from the Mebo 2 at this time. Ferry Maat presented the Super Top 50 as usual.

De voorpagina van de Pop-Telscoop van 22 Juni 1974


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