Boer Koekoek uit Bennekom van de Boerenpartij stormt samen met Vader Abraham de Top 50 binnen en komt als hoogste nieuwe binnen op nummer 20. Mrs Vandebilt volgt ze op de voet op nummer 22. De Stones komen binnen op nummer 24 met Star Star. Hiermee is bewezen dat de een boer uit Bennekom zowel de Beatles (een Beatle) als de Stones kan verslaan J. De titeltrack van de LP van de week is de laagste nieuwe binnenkomer op nummer 49. Met het opkomende karnaval is iedereen blijkbaar meer onder de invloed van de “olie” dan de liefde. De treiterschijf van deze week is een van die prachtige tracks van de LP The Captain and Me van de Doobie Brothers : Natural Thing. In de troef 20 op nummer 19 staat nog zo’n “olie” plaatje, Kiele Kiele Koeweit van Farce Majeure. Een tip voor de top! Op 17 komt een van de mooiste uitvoeringen van “The Letter” binnen in de Troef 20 en wel die van Bojoura.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

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Als toegift deze week de


Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen aan RNI in Januari 1974 en daaronder een paar scans uit de MP van Januari 1974.

RNI Top 50 149 260174.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for January 1974


Saturday 26 January 1974

Records played a lot on RNI over the past week have been:



New Seekers

You won’t find another fool like me


Teenage Rampage

Todd Rundgren

Hello it’s me

Billy Paul

Thanks for saving my life

Charlie Rich

The most beautiful girl

Leo Sayer

The show must go on


Rockin’ roll baby



Ronnie Lane

How come

Stealers Wheel


Three Degrees

Dirty ol’ man

Alice Cooper

Teenage lament ‘74

Cozy Powell

Dance with the devil

Barry White

Never never gonna give you up

Kevin Johnson

Rock’n’roll I gave you the best years of my life

Suzi Quatro

Devil Gate Drive


Merry Xmas Everybody


Harlem Song


Ted Bouwens interviews Wally Tax on his oldies programme this afternoon and plays a lot of Outsiders records. On the International service, the programmes are:

20.00 Mike Ross

22.00 Don Allen (Country’n’Western Jamboree)

24.00 Rob Eden

2.00 Mike Ross

4.00 – 7.00 Louise Quirk (Skyline)


Sunday 27 January 1974

Leo van der Goot has been too busy to make a tape for today’s Driemaster, so Gerard Smit does today’s show live from the Mebo 2. Tonight’s International service programmes are:

20.00 Mike Ross (Hitback Show)

22.00 Graham Gill (Request Show)

24.00 Rob Eden (Contemporary Music)

2.00 – 4.00 Don Allen

News during the recorded Request Show is read by Don Allen.


Monday 28 January 1974

Leo van der Goot is back on Driemaster today, but presents the programme in a very different, laid back style. Hans Molenaar presents the 52nd and final edition of 65 Min between 19.00 and 20.00 with a guest called Freek. A whistle over the medium wave signal spoils listening between 18.00 and 19.00. International service programmes are:

20.00 Mike Ross

22.00 Rob Eden

1.00 Don Allen

4.00 – 6.00 Louise Quirk (Skyline)


Tuesday 29 January 1974

Hans ten Hooge goes off on the tender and Erik Post returns. Erik takes over on Buitengaats this evening. Will Assens, the Cook, reads some of the news on the Dutch service today. Due to “unforeseen circumstances” Mike Ross is unable to present the programme between 20.00 and 22.00 this evening, which is hosted instead by Don Allen. Medium wave reception is poor until about 19.30; it seems like the signal is having difficulty getting to full strength.


Wednesday 30 January 1974

Mike Ross is back on the 20.00 to 22.00 show this evening. Leo van der Goot, still presenting Driemaster in an unenthusiastic manner, apologises for doing so.


Thursday 31 January 1974

It is surprising how RNI is ignoring the proposed Dutch Anti-Zeezender bill. Leo van der Goot, back on top form on today’s Driemaster, does play “We love the pirates”, but follows it by saying that he expects RNI to get a licence. Erik Post starts a new spot in Buitengaats, “Daar gebeuren”, which is a fairly nonsensical piece made up by Erik, Gerard Smit and Will Assens and broadcast at 18.20 and 19.20. The International service do not even mention the impending Dutch legislation; however, Record and Radio Mirror says in its issue out today that Meister & Bollier intend to stop broadcasting from the North Sea when the Dutch Act takes effect, likely to be in about 3 months’ time apparently.


Friday 1 February 1974

Gerard Smit, Mike Ross and Rob Eden go off on the tender and Graham Gill and Robin Banks return. Will Assens reads roughly half of the day’s Dutch news bulletins. Erik Post has a special on the Beach Boys in the second hour of Buitengaats this evening. The team for Buitengaats now seems to be Erik Post and Marc van Amstel on alternate weeks. International service programmes are:

20.00 Graham Gill (Toppers 20)

22.00 Brian McKenzie (Rock’n’Roll Special)

24.00 Robin Banks 

2.00 Don Allen

4.00 – 6.00 Louise Quirk (Skyline)

Don Allen reads the news at 23.00 in the recorded Rock’n’roll special and Robin Banks reads the news at 24.00.


Then the records that I heard for the first time on RNI during the week commencing 26 January 1974 were:



Vicky Leandros

Dreams are good friends

Hudson Ford

Burn Baby Burn


Worst band in the world

Average White Band

How can you go home


Me and Baby Brother

Brownsville Station

Smokin’ in the boys room

Mike Rondell

L’amour en France

Bob Bouber



Dawn of an old man’s life


Dance a little step a little

De voorpagina van de MP van Januari 1974

FP MP0174.jpg

Op nummer 24 komen de binnen met Star Star

Stones 01 MP0174.jpg

Stones 02 MP0174.jpg

Een grote poster als middenplaat in deze MP van Lynsey

LdP MP0174.jpg

Welke bandjes gebruikte jij om je favoriete RNI programma’s op te nemen?

Agfa MP0174.jpg