Lemming met Lucifera is de hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer op nummer 24 deze week. Het prachtige Music and Me van Michael Jackson, een plaat die je veel te weinig op de radio hoort, komt deze week binnen op nummer 33. Barry Blue komt binnen op nummer 36 met Do you want to dance, blijkbaar heeft zín danspartner inmiddels andere bezigheden op zaterdagavond. De hele week worden we getreiterd met Jailhouse Rock van Elvis, nummer 2 in de Troef 20 is ook al zoín oudje, maar ook erg mooi. Op nummer 6 en nummer 11 staat dezelfde melodie, maar met een andere tekst, ít Lied der liefde en Vive líamour, Vive líamore.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

Uur 1††††††††††††††††††††††††† Uur 2††††††††††††††††††††††††† Uur 3

Als toegift deze week de

TROEF 20††

Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen aan RNI in December 1973 en daaronder een paar scans uit de Poptelescoop van 22 December 1973.

RNI Top 50 144 221273.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this week in December 1973


Saturday 22 December 1973

The records which I have heard most on RNI over the past week have been:



Billy Paul

Thanks for saving my life


Rockin' roll baby

John Lennon

Mind Games


Merry Xmas Everybody

Three Degrees

Dirty ol' man

Astrid Nijgh

Ik doe wat ik doe

Jose Feliciano

Feliz Navidad

Jan Van Veen



A little bit of soap

Ray Conniff


Donny Osmond

When I fall in love

New Seekers

You won't find another fool like me

Blue Magic

Look me up

Black Velvet

Groove along

Mott the Hoople

Roll away the stone

Seals and Crofts

We may never pass this way again


I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Gerard Cox

'Tis weer voorbij die mooie zomer


One way ticket to anywhere

Alice Cooper

Teenage lament '74

Leo Sayer

The show must go on


There is no Buitengaats this morning. Instead Hans ten Hooge presents a programme with records from the US Hot 100 between 8.00 and 10.00.

International service programmes are:

20.00 Robin Banks

22.00 Rob Eden (Music of the Mind)

24.00 Graham Gill (Phillybusters)

1.00 Graham Gill (Motown)

2.00 A J Beirens (Jesus Christ Superstar)

4.00 - 6.00 Skyline

Music of the Mind features an interview with Leo Sayer at 22.15 and one with Andy Mackay of Roxy Music at 23.15. Graham Gill has some new jingles made by Andy Archer.

Sunday 23 December 1973

Tonight's programmes are:

20.00 Rob Eden (In Concert with Gilbert O'Sullivan)

21.00 Robin Banks (In Concert with Carole King)

22.00 Graham Gill (RNI Request Show)

24.00 Rob Eden (Around the world)

2.00 - 4.00 Quadrophenia

Monday 24 December 1973

Ted Bouwens interviews a member of the Cats on his show. Brian McKenzie arrives back on the tender and tonight's programme schedule is:

20.00 Mike Ross (Hitback Show)

21.00 Don Allen (Country'n'Western Jamboree)

22.00 Brian McKenzie (Rock'n'roll Special)

23.00 Graham Gill (Request Show)

24.00 Rob Eden (Contemporary Music)

1.00 Bruno Brandenburger (Jazz)

2.00 Graham Gill

4.00 - 6.00 Skyline

Tonight's hitback hour includes the most requested hitbacks as a result of Mike Ross's requests for suggestions for a special hitback programme. The Country'n'Western Jamboree hour includes only Christmas records. Both Brian McKenzie and Graham Gill dedicate records to "our friends across the way" during their programmes. Newsreader during the early evening recorded shows is Robin Banks.

Tuesday 25 December 1973

There is no change in the Dutch service schedule today, but there is a different jingle with bells to introduce the news. International service programmes are:

20.00 Robin Banks

22.00 Brian McKenzie (Music of the mind)

24.00 Rob Eden (In Concert with Earth and Fire and Roxy Music)

1.00 Tommy - A Rock Opera

3.00 Graham Gill

4.00 - 6.00 Skyline

Plenty of mentions for the RNI DJs today on Radio Caroline, which is back on the air with test transmissions today. Also Caroline does a link up with RNI at about midnight and relays the In Concert programme on 259 metres.

Wednesday 26 December 1973

Dutch service programmes today are different and the full day's schedule is:

6.00 Dick de Graaf

9.00 Ted Bouwens (LPs van de Week)

12.00 RNI Super Top 100 1973 (presented by Tony Berk from 12.00 to 14.00, Ferry Maat from 14.00 to 16.00 and Leo van der Goot from 16.00 to 18.00)

18.00 Marc van Amstel

20.00 Robin Banks

22.00 Rob Eden (Music of the Mind)

24.00 Graham Gill

2.00 Brian McKenzie

4.00 - 6.00 Skyline

Ted Bouwens plays tracks from a number of the LPs van de Week from 1973. Prijs Bewust still takes place at 13.00 as usual. Two mobile discotheques today - one features Dick de Graaf and Ted Bouwens and the other has Leo van der Goot and Ted Bouwens.

Thursday 27 December 1973

Today's Dutch service is back to its usual schedule, including the news jingle. International service programmes are:

20.00 Robin Banks

22.00 Brian McKenzie (Music of the Mind)

24.00 A J Beirens (Tribute to UNICEF)

1.00 Graham Gill

3.00 - 6.00 Rob Eden

New records played by RNI in Christmas week 1973 were:




Geef ze een huis

Charles Aznavour

To die of love


Rock'n'roll I gave you the best years of my life

Ria Valk

Is er een dokter in de zaal?

Pointer Sisters

Wang dang doodle

Jackie Moore

Playing both ends against the middle

Andy Starr



Let's hang the moon in the front room mama

Donna Hightower

Brush those tears from your eyes


Credo Dominia

Max Rosenwater

Dikke olie sheikh

Fred Stuger

Swinging on the swing

Barbra Streisand

The way we were

John Horton and the Hearts of Soul

Baby take a seat in the middle

Junior Campbell

Reach out and help your fellow man

De voorpagina van de Poptelescoop van 22 December 1973

FP PT731222.jpg

De Poptelex

P1 PT731222.jpg

P2 PT731222.jpg