Marie Osmond is deze week de hoogste nieuwe binnenkoomster met Paper Roses op nummer 25. Op 28 verwelkomen we de rest van de Osmonds met Oneway ticket to anywhere. Colin Blunstone komt met het mooie Wonderful binnen op nummer 38. Op 42 zien we Super Trouper van Deep Purple voor het eerst in de Top 50. De Rolling Stones en Gerard Cox wisselen van plaats in de Top van deze lijst en daarmee staat Gerard nu op 1 met zijn bericht dat de zomer nu toch echt voorbij is. Het mooie Harmony van Ray Conniff schittert deze week als Treiterschijf. Op 12 in de Troef 20 staat D’yer Mak’er van Led Zeppelin, een dijk van een plaat en die werd ook eind 1974 op vrijdagavond nog steevast gedraaid in Discotheek Nolleke Prop in Wageningen. Een Nederlandse zangeres, die pas later zeer bekend zou worden, hoor je op nummer 5 in de Troef 20.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

Uur 1                          Uur 2                          Uur 3

Als toegift deze week de

TROEF 20  

Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen aan RNI in November 1973 en daaronder een paar scans uit de Poptelescoop van 10 November 1973.

RNI Top 50 138 101173.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this week in November 1973


Saturday 10 November 1973

The records that I have heard most on RNI over the past week, apart from the Treiterschijf and the Smash Play, have been:



Ringo Starr


Astrid Nijgh

Ik doe wat ik doe

Charles Aznavour

The old fashioned way

X Certificate

Don't stick stickers on my paper knickers

Linda Lewis

Play around


Let me in

Katja Ebstein

Der Stern von Mykonos

Lynsey de Paul

Won't somebody dance with me

Gerard Cox

'Tis weer voorbij die mooie zomer

McGuinness Flint

Ride on my rainbow

Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Giddy Up A Ding Dong

Mac and Katie Kissoon

Love will keep us together

James Brown


Adriano Celentano



There is a tender today, which takes off Rob Eden and Don Allen and brings back Brian McKenzie and Graham Gill. Complete programmes are today:

 6.00 Dick de Graaf

 8.00 Hans Molenaar (Buitengaats)

 10.00 Sport Show

 12.00 Ferry Maat (Super Top 50)

 15.00 Ted Bouwens (Gouwe Ouwe)

 17.00 Leo van der Goot (Driemaster)

 20.00 Robin Banks

 22.00 Don Allen (Country'n'Western Jamboree)

 24.00 Graham Gill

 2.00 Robin Banks

 4.00 - 7.00 Brian McKenzie

The International service Smash Play comes on board the Mebo 2, but the new Treiterschijf by Ray Coniff doesn't. The 49 metre shortwave transmitter is off the air due to bad weather and water in the antenna.


Sunday 11 November 1973

The second hour of Driemaster today features LP tracks. There is no tape for the Hitback Show recorded by Mike Ross today, so programmes are:

 20.00 Brian McKenzie (Hitback Show)

 22.00 Graham Gill (Request Show)

 24.00 Robin Banks

 2.00 Rob Eden (Contemporary Music)

 4.00 - 6.00 Skyline

From now on RNI is to broadcast 24 hours a day.

There is no hitback competition today. The sea is very rough today. Tony Berk appears at a mobile discotheque.


Monday 12 November 1973

Heavy seas again today, so for most of the day RNI is on low power, resulting in poor reception. However, after a two minute break at 22.30 the station returns to full power and reception improves dramatically.

Leo van der Goot has an interview with Colin Blunstone on Driemaster and the Dutch service introduces a new advert for the K-Tel LP "20 Hits of the 60s". International service programmes are:

 20.00 Robin Banks

 22.00 Brian McKenzie

 1.00 Graham Gill

 4.00 - 6.00 Skyline


Tuesday 13 November 1973

No tender today, so the programme schedule is the same as yesterday (except that Buitengaats lasts two hours and there is no 65 Min).


Wednesday 14 November 1973

Ted Bouwens interviews Charlotte Liess on his programme. Despite calmer seas there is still no tender today.


Thursday 15 November 1973

The weather has taken a turn for the worse again today and there is a Force 8 gale, although this is forecast to reduce to Force 7. Robin Banks says that, as far as he knows, RNI will not be closing at the end of 1973, thereby backing up Rob Eden, and Brian McKenzie says the same later in the evening.

A tender did try to get out to the Mebo 2 today, but, due to the rough weather, it was not able to get alongside the radioship.


Friday 16 November 1973

Due to the persisting bad weather the tender was not able to get close enough to the Mebo 2 to change DJs, but some letters do arrive on board. Tonight's programmes are:

 20.00 Graham Gill (International Top 30)

 22.00 Brian McKenzie (Rock'n'roll Special)

 24.00 Robin Banks

 2.00 Graham Gill

 4.00 - 6.00 Brian McKenzie

The Top 30 show is somewhat of a shambles this evening. All the positions up to number 18 are given wrongly, due to an printer's error, but they are corrected in the run down at the end of the show.

This evening's Buitengaats is not run along the lines that Hans Molenaar indicated last week, in that it does not only include records by British groups of the 1960s, but it does include the usual 3 Beatles records and also 3 Rolling Stones records in a row, plus others by the Rolling Stones later in the programme. Again the new International service Smash Play - "Street life" by Roxy Music - has not yet arrived on board the Mebo 2.


The new records which I heard for the first time on RNI during the week commencing 10 November 1973 were:



Paul Anka


Max Bygraves

Party singalong

Simon Park Orchestra

Eye level

Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye

You're a special part of me

Mott the Hoople

Roll away the stone

Chicory Tip


Sandra and Andres

Dzjing boem te ra ta ta


Soul Makossa

Lowland Trio


Rudy Carrell

De hoogste tijd

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

The love I lost

Charlotte Liess


Ciska Peters

Vive l'amour viva l'amore

Four Tops

Sweet understanding love

Jimmy Helms

Jack Horner's Holiday


Dirg Doom


I'm gonna choose you

John Lennon

Mind Games

Donny Osmond

When I fall in love

Nicky Thomas

Lonely for your love

Blue Magic

Look me up

Seals and Crofts

We may never pass this way again

Ed Welch

Friend of a friend

Frank Sinatra

Let me try again

Mandy Wilson and Kentycle

Little ray of sunshine

Cees en Marjan

Lied der liefde

Bobby Vinton

Mr Lonely (Re-issue)

De voorpagina van de Poptelescoop van 10 November 1973

FP PT731110.jpg

De Poptelex

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