Op 45 komt Lynsey de Paul nieuw binnen in de Top 50, op zoek naar een danspartner. Mireille Matthieu is deze week de hooste nieuwe op 29 met La Paloma Ade. Mac en Katie Kissoon voeren deze week de Troef 20 aan. In de troef 20 staan voor mij toch weer een aantal onbekende plaatjes zoals de kanskaarten van Driemaster en Ferry Maat. Andre van Duyn staat nog vermeld als medewerker, nu weten we dat zowel hij als “Mijnheer de Groot” niet meer te horen zouden zijn op RNI.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

Uur 1                          Uur 2                          Uur 3

Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen uit de tijd dat deze Top 50 werd uitgezonden en daaronder een paar scans uit de ME van Oktober 1973.

RNI Top 50 136 271073.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this period


Saturday 27 October 1973


The records that I have heard most on RNI over the past week, excluding the Treiterschijf and Smash Play, have been:

Roberta Flack – When you smile

Gerard Cox –‘T is weer voorbij die mooie zomer

Albert Hammond – The Peacemaker

Charles Aznavour – The old fashioned way

Art Garfunkel – All I know

Carpenters – Top of the world

David Cassidy – Daydreamer

Boudewijn de Groot – Jimmy

Astrid Nijgh – Ik doe wat ik doe

Spooky Tooth – All sewn up

Don Downing – Lonely Days Lonely Nights

There was a short break in transmissions during the Super Top 50 programme this afternoon, which meant that the nos. 6 and 5 were not heard. 


International service programmes this evening are:

20.00 Robin Banks

22.00 Don Allen (Country’n’Western Jamboree)

24.00 Rob Eden

3.00 Robin Banks

5.00 – 7.00 Mike Ross


Sunday 28 October 1973

Buitengaats this morning runs from 9.00 to 12.00, meaning that there is no Andre Van Duin programme today. From 12.00 to 14.00 there is a programme of easy listening music presented by Leo van der Goot, which replaces the usual two hours of Dutch music with Dick de Graaf. There is a lot of interference throughout the day from the French station on 218m – perhaps RNI is on low power at the moment.


Tonight’s International service programmes are:

20.00 Mike Ross (Hitback Show)

22.00 Graham Gill (Request Show)

24.00 Robin Banks

2.00 – 4.00 Rob Eden (Contemporary Music)

Rob Eden will be presenting a contemporary music programme each week from now onwards. Tonight is Mike and Sheila Ross’s first wedding anniversary, so Graham Gill plays them a request in his show. News in the pre-recorded hitback and request shows is read by Rob Eden.


Monday 29 October 1973

Heavy interference from the French station again today. There is a new advert in both the Dutch and International services introduced today for Alquin’s “Mountain Queen” LP. Tonight’s programmes are:

20.00 Robin Banks

22.00 Rob Eden

24.00 Robin Banks

2.00 – 4.00 Rob Eden


Tuesday 30 October 1973

Leo van der Goot and Hans Molenaar leave on the tender and Marc van Amstel and Mike Ross return. Today’s Driemaster is recorded. Leo van der Goot says that today’s programme will be his last until Sunday or Monday, but does not say who will be presenting the show tomorrow. Dutch service news is read by Gerard Smit, Hans Molenaar and Marc van Amstel.


International service programmes are:

20.00 Mike Ross

22.00 Rob Eden

24.00 – 3.00 Robin Banks

Mike Ross says, in reply to a letter, that he is really not sure about RNI’s future, but, if the Dutch oil crisis goes on for much longer, the station may be forced to close as it will run out of oil.


Wednesday 31 October 1973

Dick de Graaf presents today’s Driemaster. However, although he says that he is on board the Mebo 2, the programme is obviously recorded as it features Ted Bouwens for several minutes. Marc van Amstel takes over Buitengaats from 6.00 to 9.00 this morning.


Thursday 1 November 1973

Again Dick de Graaf is on Driemaster, but the show is recorded, although he says that it is live. But it clearly isn’t, as the tape was cut off before it had finished. There was transmitter trouble this morning – it flickered several times in the Peter Holland programme.


Friday 2 November 1973

Today marks the last time that Peter Holland will be presenting “Berk in Uitvoering” as Tony Berk is back from holiday. Leo van der Goot is host to Driemaster today, which is again recorded and features, at various points, Ferry Maat, Tony Berk and Dick de Graaf.

Today is the final Nico Steenbergen programme on RNI from 18.00 to 20.00, as Nico is leaving the station. Hans ten Hooge, back on board the Mebo 2 today, wishes him success in the future just before 20.00 at the end of his show. Gerard Smit, Marc van Amstel and Hans ten Hooge are the newsreaders on the Dutch service today.


Also back on board today is Don Allen, returning from the USA. Mike Ross and Gerard Smit go off on shore leave. Tonight’s International service programmes are:

20.00 Rob Eden (Top 30)

22.00 Brian McKenzie (Rock’n’Roll Special)

24.00 Don Allen

3.00 – 6.00 Robin Banks

There is a new advert in the International service for the new Linda Lewis LP, “Fathoms deep”. Robin Banks reads the news in the pre-recorded Rock’n’Roll show.

A mobile discotheque today features Tony Berk.

De hekkesluiter van deze week

Suzi Quatro ME1073.jpg

Demis Roussos zakt deze week van 2 naar 3 met My Friend The Wind

Demis Roussos ME1073.jpg