Waikiki Man van Bonny St Clair (en Unit Gloria) is de hoogste nieuwe op nummer 24. De toekomstige nummer 1 van Redbone, We were all wounded at Wounded Knee, komt binnen op 33. De “Visjes” van Lou Reed komen binnen op nummer 46. Power to all our friends van Cliff Richard staat onveranderd op nummer 1 in de Top 50. Op nummer 1 in de Troef 20 staat Ginny come lately van Albert West. Het mooie You got me anyway van de Sutherland Brothers & Quiver stijgt deze week van 13 naar 11 in de Troef 20. Een andere mooie is Fly, little white dove, fly van Mayflower, deze week binnen op nummer 5 in de Troef 20. Jan de Hont hoor je op gitaar en de latere Lia Velasco (Lia de Vries) verzorgt de zang op het nummer.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

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Als extraatje deze week de


Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen aan RNI in Mei 1973 en daaronder een paar scans uit de Pop-Telescoop van 12 Mei 1973.

RNI Top 50 113 190573.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this week in May 1973


During the week ending 18 May 1973, Ian Anderson had gone on shore leave. For the week commencing 19 May 1973 he had a hitpick (and indeed had one the following week), but he never returned to RNI. This left the International service with a DJ team consisting of Mike Ross, Don Allen, Brian McKenzie, Arnold Layne and Graham Gill.


The International Top 30 for the week, presented by Mike Ross on Friday 18 May 1973, had "Giving it all away" by Roger Daltrey at no. 1 and new entries by Nazareth, Lou Reed, Family, 10CC and the Partridge Family. The Family record ("Boom bang") was not a hit in the official UK chart and nor were those by Billy Paul ("Brown baby" at no. 11), Spencer Davis Group ("Catch you on the rebop" at no. 12), Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina ("Thinking of you" at no. 13), Tremeloes ("Ride on" at no. 16), Guess Who ("Follow your daughter home" at no. 23), Bee Gees ("Saw a new morning" at no. 29) and Free ("Travelin' in Style" at no. 30). So, although the chart was loosely based on the UK chart, there was still room for some RNI favourites that were not UK hits, particularly the Billy Paul and Spencer Davis Group records, which were played a lot on RNI at the time.


The week started with Dick de Graaf on Driemaster (and therefore presenting the Troef 20 on Saturday 19 May 1973), but Leo van der Goot took over during the week. Driemaster always featured records from the International service that were not hits in Holland and, in the programme on Friday 25 May 1973, Leo played current UK hits by First Choice and Hot Chocolate, as well as "Ride on" by the Tremeloes from the International service Top 30.


The Dutch service programme schedule at the time was:

 6.00 Buitengaats (Marc van Amstel or Gerard Smit live from the Mebo 2)

 9.00 Branding (Non-stop)

 10.00 Peter Holland

 12.00 Tony Berk

 14.00 Ferry Maat

 16.00 Driemaster (Dick de Graaf or Leo van der Goot live from the Mebo 2)

 18.00 - 20.00 Nico Steenbergen

Nico featured "de drie Beatles" at 19.30 on his show - three Beatles records non-stop.

De voorpagina van de Pop-Telescoop van 12 Mei 1973

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De Pop-Telex

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P3 PT730512.jpg