De hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer is de winnares van het Eurovisie Songfestival Anne-Marie David op nummer 9 met Tu te reconnaitras. De Spaanse inzending van het Eurovisiefestival horen we op nummer 28 : Eres tu van Mocedades. Het prachtige My Love van Paul McCartney & Wings komt nieuw binnen op 31. Mort Shuman staat onveranderd op nummer 1 met Le Lac Majeur. De Hearts of stone van de Blue Ridge Rangers is deze week de treiterschijf.

Deze Top 50 kun je hier beluisteren:

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Als extraatje deze week de 20 Kanshebbers oftewel de


Onder de TOP 50 kun je de herinneringen van Michael Downing lezen aan RNI in April 1973 en daaronder een paar scans uit de Pop-telescoop van 21 April 1973.

RNI Top 50 109 210473.jpg

The RNI memories of Michael Downing for this week in April 1973


After Vader Abraham had left RNI to join Radio Veronica in April 1973, RNI’s Dutch service had its longest period without any DJ changes, which ended in November 1973 when both Peter Holland and Nico Steenbergen left the station. Until then, however, the weekday programme schedule was:


6.00 Buitengaats (Gerard Smit or Marc van Amstel live from the Mebo 2)

9.00 Branding

10.00 Peter Holland

12.00 Tony Berk

14.00 Ferry Maat

16.00 Driemaster (Leo van der Goot or Dick de Graaf live from the Mebo 2)

18.00 – 20.00 Nico Steenbergen


Saturday 21 April 1973 saw the first time that the Troef 20 was broadcast in its regular spot in Saturday’s Driemaster, hosted this week by Dick de Graaf. This was the second Troef 20 chart, the first was the previous week, which had been broadcast on Sunday 15 April.


The International service now had Mike Ross, Brian McKenzie, Don Allen, Arnold Layne, Graham Gill and Ian Anderson as its DJs. The DJ hitpicks of the week of 21 April 1973 were mainly by artists who were popular in the 1960s, with Mike Ross choosing “Ride on” by the Tremeloes, Arnold Layne having “Catch you on the rebop” by the Spencer Davis Group, Graham Gill opting for “Saw a new morning” by the Bee Gees and Don Allen going with “Ain’t no woman” by the Four Tops. No. 1 in the International Top 30 was “Drive in Saturday” by David Bowie (a new entry at no. 1) and, although the International service chart was beginning to look more like the official UK chart, there was still space for a number of records that did not make the UK Top 50, such as Melanie’s “Bitter bad” at no. 9, “Brown baby” by Billy Paul at no. 12, “Thinking of you” by Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina at no. 21, “There must be a way” by Black Velvet at no. 25 and early records by two acts which would go on to have hits in later years, “My crew” by Rita Coolidge at no. 27 and “Jungle Jenny” by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band at no. 30.


April 1973 had been an eventful month on the North Sea, with the Veronica ship the Norderney on Scheveningen beach for over two weeks following the storm on Monday 2 April 1973, followed by Veronica’s broadcasts from the Mi Amigo from 11 April, until the Norderney was refloated on 18 April, just in time for the rally in Den Haag. It was clear that the Dutch government was now taking a greater interest in the offshore stations and that the passing of an Act similar to the UK Marine Offences Act of 1967 by the Dutch parliament was now a real possibility. Radio Veronica was taking the lead with the rally in den Haag on 18 April, with RNI only joining in two months later with its “Hou ’m in de lucht” campaign.

De voorpagina van de Pop-Telescoop van 21 April 1973

P1 PT210473.jpgPopnieuws

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Kim Davis

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